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GDPR To Shake Up Software Development

A Look at the Hidden Impact of Data Protection Rules

A new set of regulations regarding data protection comes into force next year. What are the impacts for your business and the data it uses?

As businesses have become ever more reliant on increasing amounts of data to deliver a better service to their customers, the question of how all that information is managed, stored and protected is ever present.

We already have the UK Data Protection Act (1998), but in April 2018, a new EU regulation entitled the General Data Protection Regulation will come into force. And no, in case you were wondering, Brexit will not affect its implementation in the UK.

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Movavi Screen Capture Studio Review


What would you want to do if you were able to record videos directly from your screen? Would you like to save online video streams that you enjoy so that you could watch them later, or would you want to record Skype calls so that you can refer to them when you need to? Or perhaps you would instead like to produce video content of your very own in the form of guides or tutorials that you can publish online?

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The importance of a mobile site in the modern world


Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 19.38.18

The importance of having a mobile friendly site has increased more and more over the past few years. As smartphones and tablets have become part of modern day life the need for companies to adapt to this has become even more important. 51% of web traffic is now mobile traffic which has increased dramatically this has led to a much higher percentage of making money via your mobile site. Which is why companies should always make mobile a priority for their websites, below I am going to show a few examples of great mobiles sites:

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GetResponse vs Aweber vs Constant Contact: Which one is the best email marketing software

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 21.47.25

In today’s age of online business, email marketing has become the most important part of any marketer’s portfolio. And the very first step in becoming a successful online marketer is to choose the best email marketing tool. Though there is no dearth of choices available in the market today, when it comes to your business you would like to go ahead with the best service that money can buy. No matter whether you are a novice marketer or a pro player in the field, choosing the suitable email marketing software can be quite confusing.

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New app to revolutionise the renting process


Moving house and looking for a new property to rent can be a stressful time. Renting out your property and managing the whole process as a landlord from start to finish also isn’t always simple. So, experts in software development have designed the new app Rentr to take all the stress away from renting with its new mobile application designed to digitally control the complete letting process.

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Effective IT Infrastructure Management ITmonit

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 23.02.28

In previous articles about the functionality of e-service platform ITmonit (1 and 2) have been presented: in the first the specificity of micro and small enterprises, which in addition to the their need for more efficient business operations requires also a proactive attitude to manage their own IT infrastructure, in the second were discussed features of independent modules such as e-help and e-monitoring. They allow  to manage IT infrastructure of organizations  effectively according to their needs and skills.

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Capturing Flash Video with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio Review


Flash has become the close to eponymous with web animation, and you can find countless funny or stylish animations that are created with it and shared online. Even many of the animation videos that you see on sites such as YouTube have their roots in Flash, as do some websites. The only downside with Flash-based videos is that there is no option to save or download them, so if you wanted to do so to share it offline with your friends – you won’t be able to.

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Technologies for running a profitable meeting venue


The first rule of knowing how to run a profitable meetings room venue is to know what your customers want.
Second, you’ve got to be able to deliver those requirements efficiently and effectively. That way you will remain profitable whilst increasing your customer base.
There are certain things that can get in the way of being profitable but all can be overcome with good planning.
Keeping control of your costs is a common problem. Setting up events can spiral costs upwards easily. A lack of planning contributes towards this.
A miscalculation on the number of staff needed can cost you either way. Too few staff means slow set up and take down times where you may end up over running and causing trouble for other customers.
If your logistics isn’t perfect you will always be booking rooms out for longer than you should. This type of inefficiency can really eat into your returns on each room.
Too many staff means people are hanging around being paid to do nothing.
There are other more subtle factors such as the type of technology you supply and the costs to run it. A smart assessment of what is required and sourcing the right suppliers can help.
So how do you deal with the above issues?
You might want to call in some professionals to run a complete assessment but before you do just run some simple checks.
First you should get feedback from your employees to find out how well they are coping. This should include administration and logistics staff. They will be able to tell you what is causing issues. If you can’t get honest feedback join in for a few days and watch how well your team are coping or even dive in and help set up or take bookings. You’ll be surprised how much you learn from this exercise.
If you discover that your administration team is struggling then evaluate the software they are using. Many venues use antiquated hardware and software that slows down processes. A customer being asked to wait whilst a software tries to return available booking dates might not return – people are easily frustrated.
Take a look at your room management software. Is it well integrated with your website? Can bookings be taken online? If not maybe it’s time to look at some of the more cutting edge room booking software that is on the market.
Next you should book a meeting yourself (mystery customer style) and try out the facilities. You will then be able to gauge the quality of the rooms and equipment. Try setting up the technology in the room yourself. Is it tricky? If so you can guarantee that your staff are regularly hassled by customers with I.T. problems. Another reason why investing quality equipment can save in the medium term.
A 21st Century meetings room provider needs to offer a seamless service. From booking through to the use of the room technology needs to lead the way. Rooms should be fitted with good audio visual equipment; stuff that easy to use and reliable.
Software should be updated and familiar – the Microsoft office suite with PowerPoint is the default in most organisations so the latest versions are expected at your venue. Have presentation tools on hand for those that forget theirs. It happens a lot and you will be hugely rewarded for being able to step in and lend your equipment.
Finally you need to look at what do with rooms that are not getting use. Smaller rooms can be used for hot-desking or rented out to small businesses in the area. Bigger rooms that don’t get much use could be offered to local clubs or associations at cut price rates until you upgrade and can start making more lucrative bookings.
Ultimately the biggest cost saving will be on time-saving systems like room booking software and ensuring the rooms have up to date technology.

Give an iTunes Gift Card… as a gift!  


Finding the perfect gift isn’t always easy. What makes it especially difficult is that tastes differ. Just because one of your friends loved a gift you’ve given, doesn’t mean that same gift works on everyone. However, there is one gift that has proven itself to be pretty much perfect, the iTunes Gift Card. The name says it all doesn’t it? With an iTunes Gift Card the recipient will be able to top up her or his Apple ID credit and use the credit to buy music, games and books in the iTunes, App and iBooks Stores. The question remains though, how do you give an iTunes Card as a gift?

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Smartphone Apps that Can Improve Driving


As cars offer a heightened level of internet connectivity, there is an increased danger of potential driver distraction. Simply sending or receiving a text while driving can distract you from the road, increasing the chances of a collision. Although smartphones are part of this problem, there’s a wide range of apps on the market that can provide a potential solution. Mobile apps can not only prevent you from becoming distracted, but they can also monitor your speed and efficiency as a driver. The following are a few apps to explore if you’re looking for a way to sharpen your skills and focus behind the wheel.

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