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How to Produce an Awesome Corporate Video


Corporate videos are often dull to watch, they bore the employees and the clients that you’re trying to impress. When you create your next video you don’t want to fall into the trap of being so safe that you fail to grab the attention of your prospects. Your aim should always be to impress with an engaging video that will help to bring in more money and result in an improved reputation that pushes your business into greater realms of success.

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The Advance of CMMS Software


The global economic pressures bearing down on businesses large and small, together with an increasingly competitive environment make the role of today’s maintenance managers highly demanding. They face the difficult task of balancing the delivery of professional maintenance services aimed at reducing business risk, whilst keeping tight control of costs.

During the past two decades, advances in Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) have transformed manufacturing efficiency levels. As a result of these advances we now have the ability to automate many standard maintenance processes, analyse in detail various parts of our businesses, and manage the performance of much of our equipment.

Exchanging paper-based methods or spreadsheets for CMMS Software is empowering for Maintenance, Production and Engineering Managers alike; quite simply, a CMMS is an essential tool to move maintenance operations from reactive crisis management towards an effectively planned and controlled system.

CMMS Software delivers valuable information by providing the capability to manage an organisation’s asset portfolio down to individual asset level. A CMMS Software system can:

  • Enable the scheduling of asset related work, such as maintenance, testing, inspections and health and safety activities.
  • Determine the elements that affect reliability, servicing and repair, and highlight the most cost effective method of maintaining an asset.
  • Allow the creation of unique and flexible maintenance regimes to cover bespoke requirements.
  • Incorporate a help desk system providing a reactive maintenance solution.
  • Provide interactive tools to give a full overview of the maintenance jobs that are scheduled to take place during future periods.
  • Link to the mobile CAFM applications for field engineer use.

Some CMMS products focus on particular industry sectors while other packages aim to be more general. Most will produce status reports and documents giving details or summaries of maintenance activities. The more sophisticated the package, the more analysis facilities are available.

CMMS software and technology is continually evolving to keep pace with today’s leaner, greener operational environment and support changes to working practices.

CMMS Software enables maintenance managers to achieve greater control of:

  • Maintenance team workload and performance.
  • Day-to-day operating costs as well as total cost of ownership.
  • Unscheduled equipment down-time.
  • Unnecessary capital expenditure.
  • Timely management reporting.



Intelligent manufacturing with CAM software


Sometimes, it can feel as if the new differentiators in the modern economic age are all a bit, well, little. Little bits of plastic and aluminium, innovative pieces of technology, all dreamed up in a laboratory or workshop in Stockholm or Seoul, are what is setting some nations on the path to progress.

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Reasons Why Your Business Can Benefit From IT Support


Whilst the economy continues to trundle on as it tries to repair itself, the emphasis on creating cost-effective, efficient and innovative business strategies is only heightened.  What often slows companies down is paper work and in the last few decades, the shift has very much changed to a more digital and online approach.

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How Technology is Helping Policing


As technology continues to advance, there’s more and more applications it has to make policing more efficient and speedy. From sensor networks to crowd monitoring, making the streets safe for everyone is becoming easier and more viable.

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Remote access to your Windows PC from multiple platforms


Recent years have seen a significant expansion in the use of remote desktop software. With the proliferation of Bring Your Own Device initiatives, businesses large and small are realizing the potential of remote access solutions beyond the realm of on-demand technical assistance. Both hardware and software are no longer entirely confined to the realm of the IT support team. What might be considered a nuisance can also help in making the modern workplace into a more productive and cost-effective place. RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) clients, particularly those that provide a great user experience over multiple platforms and devices, are now playing an essential role in improving the bottom line of any business not just those who work in freelance IT.

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How secure is your infrastructure?


Due to the fact that there are less big viruses and spyware related attacks reported on the news, some people have started to think they’re home free, and don’t need any kind of protection anymore. While Microsoft and Apple have gotten much better at dealing with the likes of Melisa and MS Blast (not that Apple had much to deal with there anyway), the hackers are getting smarter – and turning their attention to the growing world of online commerce.

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Find out how much of a good driver you are with the Confusing driving app


An easy to use and free mobile car insurance phone app has been introduced to the public to provide vital information to the car insurance companies to determine premium rates.

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Can you ever really get rid of something?


It can seem like there are brand new security and privacy fears hitting the news with everything every day; from brand new apps and tech start-ups like Path and Snapchat have been under public scrutiny over the past few weeks, and Snapchat in particular has been a big issue.

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What to do if your computer breaks down


It’s surprising how much damage a computer can do to your working day if it breaks down. You might think the extent of the damage is the loss of the file you’re working on; it’s frustrating but you eventually get it fixed and get on with the task at hand; but the loss of time actually has a value attributed to it too, and every hour you and your computer are out of action is an hour that your services can’t be charged out, and potentially a job that’s not getting completed on time.

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