The evolving technology in football and Euro 2016

Soccer ball on field

Soccer ball on field

Technology in sport is hugely growing in importance from the technology within the games such as smart wearables measuring sports persons’ health and fitness levels to how fans are watching it, with online streaming and even the growth of specialize camera’s such as 360 views of stadium.

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FRIMO Laminating Technology

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.09.49

FRIMO Laminating Technology is mainly used in the automotive industry for creating items such as car car internal panels, arm rests side panels, pillar trims and trunk linings. The tools used by FRIMO laminating technology to create these items is state of the art using automated machining technology which has its own arsenal of tools such as mixing heads, punching, edge folding and cutting tools.

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And Now There’s Professional Drone Racing


It seems like it was only a few years ago that drones were considered cutting edge technological playthings. As with things like Google Glass or VR headsets, we would occasionally see high-end versions of personal drones online or in magazines and wonder when they’d become available for mass consumption. But unlike Google Glass and VR headsets, which have remained largely exclusive to tech insiders and those willing to shell out a ton of money for personal devices, drones went to market pretty quickly. For a while now, they’ve been relatively easy to acquire, with the result that people have had time to come up with all kinds of fun uses for them.

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Working Remote – Stay Connected Using Technology

Young couple talking online via video chat - Video chat and video conference concept

The explosion of the internet and online communications has swelled the number of professionals working from home offices. Some of these professionals are employees working remotely; others are contract workers or entrepreneurs. Not only is this trend here to stay, the experts will acknowledge it is continuing to grow. If you’re ready to give up the morning commute and are fortunate enough to have landed your dream job working from a home office, follow these recommendations from the professionals that have developed best practices. Good luck to you!

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5 Exciting VR Peripherals



Virtual reality is going to be great, especially after we learn how to jack into our neural system Matrix style. But until science figures out how to do it, we will have to do with various VR peripherals that translate virtual experiences into real life sensory input. Here are several VR peripherals to get excited about.

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Life in space vs Life in the sea [infographic]

Sea Life vs. Space Life FULL (2) has preformed some really interesting research into what life is like living at sea compared to what life is like living in sea. Its really interesting to see how technology is helping people survive in each environment.

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Finding the right computer for you

IT support London

When once a desktop computer and dial-up internet was the height of technology, through only a few short years there are more options out there than we ever imagined. Not only can you hand-pick your operating systems and download the latest app for seemingly every purpose, there is a wider selection of devices upon which to enjoy these perks than ever.

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Basic Tips on Securing Your Cloud Hosting Account


Security is an important aspect of hosting services and running a website. The safety and smooth operations of your site depends so much on how secured your cloud hosting account really is. It also depends on the web application or CMS platform you are using as well as various other aspects. We are going to review some of these aspects and how you can secure your cloud hosting account in this article.

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Ways to Reuse Your Old Tech Devices


Every year, nearly 3.5 million tons of e-waste is generated when people throw away the electronics that they no longer use, or want. This is a big problem for the world because a lot of it is put in the trash, which means that it eventually ends up in landfill. Once there, it takes decades to degrade and heavily pollutes the environment, as it breaks down. This article explains just how big the problem is.

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5 ways to use technology to increase productivity



In the modern digitally enabled world we live in its very easy to get left behind if you aren’t using technology to your advantage, the companies that aren’t adapting are just getting left behind. This is why we have compiled a list of the top five pieces of technology that your company can use to stay ahead of the curve and get that crucial competitive advantage.

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